Giving Tuesday is on December 3, 2019. The MOFF Giving Tuesday campaign emphasizes the urgency that the ALS disease state needs funding. Below are a few examples of how your donation can impact the ALS community.

  • ALS is an expensive disease and can cost up to $200,000.00 a year for a single ALS household.
  • There are currently over 170 individuals living with ALS on the Central Coast of CA.
  • It can cost up to $2 billion to develop a drug. This number gets inflated when it comes to ALS treatments because it is going to take gene therapy or a combination of several drugs to address the complexity of the disease.

The Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation has funded ALS drug development efforts since 2014. Every dollar counts! With your help, The Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation is able to provide financial support to families living in our area.

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