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Andrea and Natalie Fernandez organize the MOFF annual golf tournament. They would love your help 🙂 Please click the link to the right to view volunteer responsibility options.


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Are you a seasoned hiker, brunch partaker, or interested in supporting the ALS community? All skill sets are welcome. Tasks include decorating, working with caterers, and setting up an education Q&A panel. Balloon detangling skills are recommended 🙂

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The Fiesta Dinner is when we thank our donors! This big party of an event is exciting for attendees and volunteers alike. Volunteer tasks include but are not limited to: bartending, serving food, cooking, and djing. We would love to have you join our fiesta dinner crew.

We love our MOFF Volunteers!


Politics are taken seriously in the ALS community. Legislative initiatives and government funding impact the lives of ALS patients and their families in many ways. You can help by contacting Congress members and encouraging them to stand behind the needs of the ALS population. Click the buttons below to learn more and act. (The options below are time sensitive so please, do not hesitate!)

Justice for ALS Veterans Act