Lauren Clausman: 2024 TCS NYC Marathon

Lauren Clausman is running the TCS NYC Marathon this year for MOFF and Team ALS! We are very excited for her to undertake this 26.2 mile challenge and will be supporting her along the way! This will be the second year that MOFF is represented in the NYC marathon, in 2022 Samantha Fernandez completed this feat in 4:33:35. These women are our role models!

Lauren, who is Natalie and Andrea’s cousin, answered our interview questions below. Read along to get to know her and her marathon journey better. You never know, maybe she will inspire YOU to throw on some running shoes 🙂

Q&A with Lauren

Where are you from and what is your spirit animal?

I was born and raised in South Florida and currently live in Boca Raton. My spirit animal is definitely a dog!!! I love them all so much. If I had to narrow it down I would most likely say a golden retriever.

Have you run a marathon before? Do you have a certain pace or completion time you are aiming for?

This will be my 1st Marathon! I’ve completed a few half marathons in the last 5 years so I am hoping my body is ready. I would like to complete the NYC Marathon in a little under 4 and a half hours.

You are running with Team Challenge ALS, what motivated you to support the ALS cause? How did you get connected with the Team?

I am running in honor of Martha Fernandez and family is why I chose to do this. I don’t think ALS gets enough research and awareness and I am hoping to make a difference in that even if it is small. My cousin Natalie Fernandez was able to connect me with the ALS NYC Chapter and I was welcomed onto their team with open arms!!! The experience has been amazing thus far and I am looking forward to meeting my running team.

Do you have any running idols or key people who support you that you would like to recognize?

I can track my love for running all the way back to my pre-middle school days and seeing my mom run every single day. I quickly found my love for it and we were able to run together every day after school. It always reminds me of her and I think that’s why I still love it so much!! I can’t wait for her to see me cross the finish line just like my track and field days. 

Do you have any favorite running song recommendations for the MOFF community?

ANYTHING disco or EDM is my go-to. Right now, Boom by Tiesto is how I start and finish every run.

Learn about key information about the NYC marathon by visiting this website.

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