MOFF is incredibly grateful for the support of our community especially during this time of COVID-19. We could not fulfill our mission to support ALS research projects or ALS patient care initiatives without each of you. Your generosity allowed us to increase our giving to ALS families to assist with the financial burden this pandemic has added to our ALS community.

This list below mentions donors who contributed to the 2020 MOFF golf tournament, and individuals who contributed $500 or more during the 2020 calendar year. Thank you all. 

Peter and Leslie Orradre 

Dave and Roberta (Rob) Fernandez

Dan and Linda Speirs 

Hall Heiatt & Connely 

Robert and Nancy Johnson 

The Chao Family 

Bob and Aly Coburn 

Jame and Megan Rietkerk 

The Hooks Family 

The Ronca Family

Martha Miller

Alex Woodson

Danny Fernandez and Janet O’Neill 

Cheri and Jim Humphrey 

Larry and Cheri Fernandez

Erich and Patricia Koberl (Koberl at Blue)

Aloe Up 

Gloria Fernandez 

Geronimo Properties LLC  

The Achadjian Family 

John and Kelly Attala 

The Oliver Family 

Erick Contreras and Family 

Brian Donegan 

Peter Back 

Jim and Michelle Orradre

Annie Fernandez 

Ron and Patti Giovannelli 

Pifferini Ranch (Larry and Susan Pifferini) 

Sherriff Ian Parkinson 

Ed and Molly Attala 

Conor O’Brien

Jeff and Karen Hollister 

John and Laura Sherlock 

John and Kristina Kuchinski 

Karen Crawfis

The Larry Fernandez Family

Karen and Tim Twisselman 

Biddle Ranch Vineyard

Sammy and Micheal Pinneau

Michael Blaney 

Trevor Fernandez 

Gian Sonza

The Smith Family

Don Nicholas 

Kristy and Clay Hall

Sterling Twisselman

Patrick and Shane McKeague

Joseph Stenger

Stephen Fleming

Patrick Mihelic

Jordan and Kennedy Meaney

The Furphy Family

Yasi and Ryan Klayman

Caroline Rocha

The Carlton Hotel

Bruce and Barbara Nichols


“Thanks to the Martha Olson Fernandez Foundation, the people I work with on the Central Coast who are living with ALS have immediate access to adaptive devices that are not covered by insurance.  These devices enable people to maintain their independence with things such as eating, bathing, dressing, and mobility as long as possible which has a powerful impact on their quality of life.” 

Julie Scurich (Care Manager at the ALS Association Golden West Chapter ) 


Dr. Richard Bedlack from Duke University thanks MOFF donors for supporting his ALS research investigations into the microbiome of ALS patients. 

Fred Fisher, President and CEO of The ALS Association Golden West Chapter (ALSA GW), thanks MOFF donors for supporting ALS patient care on the Central Coast. 

Donor Spotlight 


Peter and Leslie Orradre with Larry Fernandez (center)


Ed Attala with Cheri Humphrey (left) and Cindy Contreras (right)


John Attala with teammates John Luchetta Dan Block and Nick Frost (left to right)