Novus Acquisition of Anelixis

The Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation (MOFF) was very excited to hear that Novus Therapeutics had finalized its acquisition of of Anelixis Therapeutics this past September.  Anelixis Therapeutics was the for-profit drug development arm of ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALSTDI) that was created specifically to develop their anti-CD40L antibody therapy for ALS known as AT-1501. An article published in BioSpace earlier this fall announced that Novus plans to “finance the advancement of Phase II clinical trials for AT-1501.” This is great news!

Since 2016, MOFF has granted $105,000.00 to ALSTDI. In 2017, MOFF funding was earmarked to finance preclinical studies for AT-1501. The project was selected by MOFF due to the selective and specific nature of the AT-1501 antibody. These characteristics were a result of the years of development the potential therapy had undergone at the Biogen and later the ALSTDI labs. The MOFF board found the novel method of targeting the co-stimulatory pathway as an attractive investment.

AT-1501 not only holds promise in ALS, but also for Type I Diabetes, and other neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases. The MOFF board is looking forward to following the development of this therapeutic option.

Learn more about AT-1501 in an ALSTDI Enpoints podcast episode here.