2020 Virtual SLO ALS Walk

MOFF ALS Walk Team

Thank you to all those who helped us raise $1,825.00! Your generosity during this time of COVID-19 is what keeps the ALS patient care community going. 

In case you missed it, the MOFF team this year  walked for people living with ALS, the families of those who passed away from ALS, and we walked in memory of Katcho Achadjian.

Because ALS is fatal, our community is no stranger to loss and each year we invite more angels into our midst. This year, the MOFF team was dedicated to one of our SLO community leaders, Katcho Achadjian. He did not die from ALS, but his support of the ALS community was heartfelt and strong. We know he and Martha are getting into trouble wherever they may be 🙂 TO KATCHO! TO MARTHA! TO EACH OF US LIVING EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST. Stay strong.

Please view the MOFF Virtual ALS Walk Team video below. Check it out: