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2020 Hike x Brunch: February 22

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 6th Annual MOFF Hike x Brunch! Together we raised $6,716.80 to put towards ALS patient care and research.

The hike up Felsman Loop Trail was a wonderful reminder of Martha’s ability to motivate and educate each of us on the importance of exercise and healthy living. The sign at the bottom of the trail reminded us who we were hiking for: all those who cannot. The sign has the names of those our community has lost to ALS and also those that are currently living with the disease.

When we reached Martha’s memorial bench, Andrea and Natalie read a passage from Ryan Farnsworth’s book: Seeds of Light Sown. The poem is called: Old Wisdom Gained Young: 

“I have never heard the elderly lament, 

In wishing that they would have lived less,

Having packed too much life into their years.

I imagine instead that as their tired suns sink,

Back towards the horizon of their lives, 

Each moment becomes more precious. 

If asked for advice such an old one might say: 

Don’t put your dreams on a shelf labeled ‘someday,’

A day in the future when there will be more time, 

For time waits for no one. 

Live the life you want and do not wait or hesitate, 

While you are healthy and have the physical function, 

To spend your time in all of the ways you prefer. 

And I think to myself: 

We should not need to grow old, 

To gain such wisdom.”

The brunch portion of the event was educational and inspired hope. Jennifer McErlain from the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) showed a video that walked us through a virtual tour of the ALSTDI lab. She discussed how MOFF donors have contributed over $95,000.00 to different ALS research projects at ALS TDI over the past 5 years. She also mentioned Project Euphonia which is ALSTDI’s collaboration with Google that was recently featured on the Today Show. At the end of Jen’s talk, MOFF presented Jen with a $10,000.00 check to put towards their upcoming research on profilin1 ALS mouse models.

Thank you ALSTDI for all the incredible research you conduct and thank you to our supportive donors for allowing MOFF to fund research to find a cure for ALS.

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5th Annual MOFF Hike x Brunch and 1st Annual ALS Panel Discussion

Thank you to all of the 5th Annual MOFF Hike x Brunch participants!


Thank you to everyone who came out to hike Felsman Loop in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, February 23rd. We all placed roses on Martha’s memorial bench and enjoyed a gorgeous view in great company. At the top of the hike, we read a poem that depicted ALS patients’ incredibly difficult journey with the disease. The poem was followed by quotes that embody the resilience of ALS patients. Martha was a beautiful example of that strength and bravery in action.

The ALS panel discussion during the brunch portion of the event was very well received. The panel answered the following questions:

       What causes ALS?

       Is there a high incidence of ALS on the Central Coast?

       What happened to the $115M raised during the Ice Bucket Challenge?

       What treatments are currently available to patients?

       Where are your MOFF donations going in 2019?

        Research Highlights: ASOs & STMN2 target for sporadic ALS


Our panelists were Natalie Fernandez from MOFF, Cherryl Goldstein, Stacy Inman and Janelle Webb from the ALS Association. Thank you very much to the ALS Association Golden West Chapter for participating in our first annual ALS Panel Discussion! We had a great time taking questions from donors regarding if ALS is one disease and also what future CRISPR technology has in the ALS research world.  In order to align with the interdisciplinary approach to fighting ALS, we look forward to inviting an array of panelists to future hike x brunch events.


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