Join the fight with us! Please make checks out to The Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation or MOFF and mail to 3940-7397 Broad Street.

The Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID: 45-4983912

Annual MOFF Fund Allotment

The first $100,000.00 raised by the Martha Olson-Fernandez Foundation was donated to the Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Center in San Fransisco on September 2, 2014. Martha participated in a clinical trial for the ALS treatment, NP001, at the Forbes Norris Center in 2012.
  Research (ALS Therapy Development Institute) Patient Care (ALS Association Golden West Chapter)
2015   $20,000
2016 $20,000 C9orF72 research $28,000
2017 $25,000 AT-1501 development $25,000
2018 $25,000 Biomarker  database collection (CSF and tissue sample library)


2019 $25,000 ALS animal model construction


The funds to the ALS Association Golden West Chapter go directly towards patient care on the Central Coast of CA. The funds assist ALS families with the financial burden of AAC, medication, transportation, speech therapy etc.

Thank you to our loyal donors!!

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